Thursday, 25 July 2013

Life in The Crags with our animals....sometimes can be very sad

We thought we would like to post a tribute to all our past and present cats and dogs. We cannot live without any of them and we have to learn to say goodbye and make decisions that are not always very easy!!
Sadly a week ago our four year old cat Sammy disappeared, we hope and pray that he will return but the chances are very slim. We live surrounded by forests, a beautiful but sometimes treacherous place, where there have been many sightings of Leopards and Caracal.......Sammy loved living here and we gave him his freedom, we decided that if we locked him up it would take away his spirit!

This is  Mouse cat, she came with us from Johannesburg but is no longer with us, we had to have her put down along with our dogs Emma and Mimma, the worst thing that any pet owner has to do ever! Our Johannesburg babies adapted very quickly to life with us in Paradise... We will miss them forever

Mouse cat
Our new darling cat Sammy.....

Darling Jess

Cutest Joey

Sammy we miss you

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ceramicmatters said...

Sorry Sal, that is so sad!
Not knowing is the worst. Hope Sammy comes back!